Tuesday, May 27, 2008

non-compete clause

Too much going on over the weekend to recount in its entirety. Also, not interesting enough, but basically it went something like this: eat, drink, tennis, walk dogs, hit a gazillion garage sales in the hopes of buying a nice used lawn mower, buy useless junk instead, watch the Cubs lose twice in extra innings, see Indiana Jones do it again, consider that Shia LeBouff is the next BIG thing, wonder how to spell “LaBouf??”, comparison shop new lawn mowers, purchase ladder, recognize how very little I know about home maintenance, thank goodness I am not the only owner of house.

And there you go.

Tennis is still much fun and while I got my ass handed to me by my betrothed once over the weekend, it’s okay because I lack any sense of athletics related competitiveness. I’m all sorts of competitive in other realms of my life, but not sports. I would rather have fun than care about the winner. This is also one of the reasons I’ve never succeeded in sports. One has to care about something to truly be good, and I just would rather everyone be happy and fair than win. God, I’m annoying.

I also baked some shit this weekend and my chocolate chip cookies turned out funny. I think part of the problem was that we only had dark brown sugar and I added one too many eggs. They’re good, I mean how can a chocolate chip cookie be bad, but they’re definitely strange in texture. They’re far better when warmed and eaten with ice cream, which, you know, sign me up. Perfecting the recipe will not be something I’m sad to undertake either.

Finally, packing. Oh the many boxes littering our already littered apartment. T-minus three very long days and I can this apartment right out of my hair. Hallelujah.

Now, here’s a question . . . do you and your partner/husband/boyfriend/lover engage in any healthy competition? Is it fun or heated?


Jess said...

I made chocolate chip cookies this weekend and they were delicious. I got the recipe from RA. They were heavenly.

Also, we don't really compete, now that I think about it, and really just because we have different strengths. We don't try to outdo each other in anything. We can't even get mad at each other over Scrabble because we don't have the same native language so it's never a balanced competition. We do get competitive over some non word-based board games, though, but it's definitely fun and not at all serious.

-R- said...

We don't really play sports together because H is very athletic and competitive, while I am uncoordinated and not competitive. Sports usually end with H getting frustrated at my happy attitude/lack of skill.

We are more competitive when it comes to Trivial Pursuit, except H gets all sulky when he loses.

Banana said...

We are both fairly competitive, but not with each other so much. This is mostly due to our vastly varied hobbies than any sort of purposeful avoidance of competition. I think if we were into the same things we would have daily scraps over who could ride their bike faster.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Only 3 more days - yay!

Jason and I have scoresheets where we keep track of our cribbage, foosball and darts wins. But I wouldn't say we're competitive. For instance, I'm behind by 25 games in cribbage and I couldn't care less.

Alice said...

not that i'm competing with anybody at the minute, but i.. um.. definitely am competitive. AND i'm a sore loser and sulk when i don't win. i'm working on it, but that's what's programmed in for now. sigh.

if you decide you don't like the cookies enough, you can send them to me and i'll take care of them :-)

JMC said...

I would win any athletic-type thing against my husband because he is not athletic and throws like a girl. It's not even a challenge. Things like card games and board games? He refuses to play board games for some stupid reason he made up that he thinks makes not playing board games sound cool. Really, it's because he's scared. Of me. Because I am a terrifying opponent. :)