Thursday, September 04, 2008


I’m afraid to admit this in public, but I’m really excited that the football season kicks off tonight. However, I’m confused as to who to root for. On the one hand, it’s hard not to root for Chicago, but I’ve always harbored a soft spot for the Packers. However, now that Favre is gone, am I still a Packer’s fan? I’m not even sure if I’m a Favre fan after the retirement crap he pulled, so I clearly can’t be a Jets fan. I’m a woman without a team. It’s confusing.

I wore a fleece to work today, it was just that chilly. This makes me happy because I am much more a cool weather gal than a hot weather gal. Odds are we’ll have at least one more 90 degree snap before fall actually settles in, but this is a brief glimpse of the pumpkin lattes, honey crisp apples and crunchy leaves yet to come.

I have my iPod on shuffle, but it keeps shuffling to Christmas music at the most inopportune moments, say when my boss stops by for a chat or when the one attorney who is always looking at me suspiciously walks by my office.

I don’t know why one of my colleagues seems suspicious of me, but she totally does. She never looks me in the eye and frequently avoids me in the hallway. This, in turn, makes me go out of my way to interact with her because I want to show her that I’m normal and she does need not be suspicious. I suspect this makes her more suspicious.

We’re going to Texas next weekend for a combination business and pleasure (mostly business, but I suspect there will be some pleasure involved). I love Texas, mainly for the food. And by food I mean the tex-mex shit. The salsa/cheese/meat/tortilla combinations. They know their way around a chili down that way. Unfortunately my sister (who lives there and who we’re staying with) is a vegetarian and a snobby one at that, so who knows if we’ll even get to sample the good stuff.

I’m knee deep in the shit of official name change. I totally abandoned my maiden name and fully embraced Brett’s last name because I like having the same last name and his is a whole lot more anonymous than my maiden name. If you googled my full maiden name you would get me and only me. If you google my new married full name I am a whole host of things, and the actual me does not show up until page 13 or something. It’s fantastic. I love a little anonymity.

Oh, but the name change shit, it SUCKS. I mean really sucks. Changing my name with Social Security was easy – you just have to go to the office with the proper documents. Changing my name with my workplace has been nothing short of horrific, which would be funny if you knew where I worked, which you don’t, which is for the best.

I like calling Brett my “husband.” It feels really good.

Brett will hopefully post some photo documentation of our trip out west on his blog, but for now you only get one other picture of the actual wedding. We haven’t gotten the CD with the digital pictures on it because our photographer is flighty and crazy and maybe not really a photographer at all, but that’s a story for another time.