Thursday, August 28, 2008

I like being a married girl

We’ve actually been back at the real world game for over a week now, but it seems that when you check out of the real world for 2.5 weeks, it takes a bit of work to get back in. Rather annoying actually.

Regardless of the above, our whirl wind wedding/road trip was all together enjoyable. We had all this build up to the wedding, and then it just sort of happened, and nothing went wrong and everyone behaved (except the photographer who was NUTS) and I am so proud of us for being eerily calm during the entire damn thing.

The weather was stupidly perfect and the flowers, oh my god, the flowers were to die for! I loved them. Brett looked dapper in his tux and aside from the fact that the judge (someone who has known me since birth) asked if Play-boy was shooting a spread during the wedding (because apparently he thought my dress looked like a bustier) all went down quite nicely.

The only silly thing I did was forget my line once and I may or may not have sent projectile snot out of my nose and onto my bouquet while my now mother-in-law was singing during the ceremony. What can I say? It was very emotional.

Also, I may be taking my wedding dress out for drinks on a regular basis. You’d be shocked at how many very amiable individuals will see fit to buy you drinks when you’re in a wedding dress. Also, running into other brides, whom you’ve never met before, who also go out for drinks after their wedding is so much fun. It’s like you’re part of this ridiculous little frosted sorority for one night and you are so totally BFFs for about 10 minutes. It’s great. I highly recommend.

We’ll have more pictures of the ceremony once we actually get the proofs from the CRAZY lady a.k.a. photographer. Needless to say, she was about the only pratfall of the whole event, and even that wasn’t so bad.

The road trip out to Montana had a few snafus, mostly involving difficult sister in laws and me catching a nasty cold two days into the tip. I have to pat myself on the back though, because even though I was sneezing-coughing-dripping-stuffed to capacity SICK, I still camped, hiked, rafted, and survived a snake sighting. I am a T-to the R-double O-per .

Pictures to come of that bidness as well. As soon as we find time to do anything but laundry.
To sum it up: I highly recommend getting married. It’s pretty fun and if you marry someone like my husband, it’s even better because the fun doesn’t stop after the wedding.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Legally bound

We're back, we're married, we're tired. Oi.