Monday, January 07, 2008

Movie time

Has anyone seen any movies lately?

We've seen three in the same number of weeks, and I have to say, if we don't get ourselves to a rom-com or just a com soon, I may have to go on Prozac. You see, we've managed to choose films that are the ones where you have nothing to say after you see them. In fact, you're sort of in a state of shock and are simply relieved to be released from the theater (at least in my case).

The worst of these films was No Country for Old Men. Now I know that everyone is wetting themselves over this film, and I'm sure it's going to win all sorts of awards and I'm now probably labeled some sort of a philistine for not liking the film, but whatever. I kind of hated it. I should have known this before going to it, because I actually do not like anything that I have ever read by Cormac McCarthy and I cannot watch violent movies. I'm glad I saw it, because now I can say I saw it, but jesus, it was a rough ride.

We also saw Into The Wild, a book that I read about 3 years ago, by one of my favorite authors of all time, Jon Krakauer. The movie was wonderful, just as the book is, but anyone who is not moved and desperate after reading or seeing the film must not have a soul. It's unbelievable and I urge any of you who have not read the book, to get yourselves a copy post haste.

Finally, we saw Sweeney Todd, which I LOVED, despite the fact it literally made me nauseous, what with all the blood, and there is a serious amount of blood. However, it is marvelous and could anything be better than Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Sasha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter (who is completely amazing). Johnny Depp is the bees knees, that's what I'm saying.

So, tell me, what movie should we go see (or rent) that won't make me think very much, and won't make me nauseous and does not involve Cormac McCarthy in any way?


Tessie said...

Fucking Cormac McCarthy. I'm so traumatized by The Fucking Soulsucking Road that I can't even THINK about seeing NCFOM.

I have a couple of vacation days coming up so I'd be interested in what everyone recommends. I myself have not seen a movie since God was a boy of course but I hope to soon.

Jess said...

Torsten and I both really liked Charlie Wilson's War, which is about a serious and interesting subject but is not really violent (unless you count a bit of footage from Afghanistan similar to what you might see on the evening news) and is funny. Perhaps that would lighten the mood?

Flibberty said...

Tessie, I could not even finish The Road. I was too traumatized by it once they found the people in the basement of that house and oh dear god, it was too much. Why did I even try?

Jess, we'll have to check Charlie Wilson and his war out. I heard that that Philip Seymore (sp?) Hoffman sort of steals the show and I love a little PSH

JMC said...

I'm always looking for good movies to put on my Netflix list that then sit there forever because it takes me so long to watch the movies once I get them. But I have really good movie watching intentions. Problem is with all these kids I always end up seeing something like Ratatouille. Which, by the way, was really good.

For Johnny Depp (he's SO on my list), you could check out the Pirates movies if you haven't already seen them. I liked all of them. I also liked all of the Harry Potter movies. Anything beyond movies aimed at teens I haven't really seen recently, but kid and teen movies would certainly fit your criteria of not making you think very much, not making you nauseous and does not involve Cormac McCarthy.

amber said...

Bees Knees! I love when you say that. Also, I've been absolutely peeing my pants with want to see Sweeney Todd, but so far no luck.

As for movie recommendations, all the ones I've seen lately sucked. Sorry.

Stephanie said...

I loved Sweeney Todd too, despite the blood and gore. SO good!

I want to see Charlie Wilson's War and possibly Juno, though that could wait until it comes to Blockbuster I think.

I did just see Ratatouille on video and it was SO freakin cute. Since you and Brett are chefs yourselves, you should rent it!

Pickles & Dimes said...

We just saw I am Legend, and we both really enjoyed it.

I also really liked The Mist, which is based on a novella by Stephen King. The ending of the movie differs from the book, but I still liked it.

DO NOT rent Mr. Brooks. I love Kevin Costner, but this movied just dragged.

Valerie said...

Sweeney Todd? BEST MOVIE EVER. OK, well I'm exaggerating. But it was the shiz.

Juno is good. I would suggest seeing that one. It's funny and intelligent.

Swistle said...

Have you already seen Nanny McPhee? We didn't expect to like it, but we did. It's...well, "uplifting" is pretty much the only word I can use here, despite the horkiness.

Constance said...

I've been mostly watching TV series on DVD instead. Sports Night, Buffy, Angel, the first season of My Name is Earl.