Monday, December 03, 2007

A list of a different sort

I had a dream on Friday night, that was most intriguing. You see, I dreamt that Alton Brown and Brett Favre were actually the same person. This would be strange enough, but wait, it gets weirder. Unfortunately, Alett, or Favown were in danger! Yes, someone was out to kill them, and who was the only person able to protect the quarter back of good eats? Me. Obvs. So, in a dream sequence that most resembled the Beastie Boys video for Sabotage (don't ask) I thwarted an attempt on his/their life/lives, and also determined that I am mostly insane.

HOWEVER, this got me thinking . . . you see, I love Alton Brown because he explains cooking. He doesn't' just throw together some random meal that you are to repeat, he teaches us all how to cook by showing us the science behind it. He is brilliant and I love him. I also love Brett Favre because he seems like a good guy, a hard worker, and a family man who happens to have to crazy ass talent. Also, I love the Packers because they are the only publicly owned team in the NFL (as far as I know). But then I started thinking about other "famous" figures that I like and admire (we're not talking about folks like Gandhi here, for I think that' s another category, just to be clear, but more like folks I'd like to have a beer with and shoot the shit with) and I came to realize that there aren't too many, but there are a few others.

So, let us see my list:

1. Alton Brown - host of "Good Eats"
2. Brett Favre - GB Packers QB
3. John Krakauer - writer and mountaineer
4. Mike Rowe - host of "Dirty Jobs"
5. Neil deGrasse Tyson - astrophysicist and host of "Nova Science NOW"
6. Jon Stewart- host of "The Daily Show"

Why are there no women on this list? Also, maybe I watch too much T.V. Hmm . . .

Do you have such a list, an I'd-like-to-have-a-beer-with-that-dude/ette list?


Jess said...

I do not have such a list. But now I kind of want one. But it would require so much thinking. I don't know if I'm up for it. I admire your clarity, is my point here.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Yes to Mike Rowe!

Hmmm, for the rest:

- Gillian Anderson

- Jennifer Aniston (she seems so nice; I have to know if it's true)

- Ben Leber (a MN Viking I just saw an interview with who is tres cute)

- Jim Gaffigan

- Tina Fey

amber said...

Um, I have a list of people I would prefer NEVER to have a beer with (as if that's actually in danger of happening):
1. Bill O'Reilly. I can't stand his pompous ass.
2. Marilyn Manson. I know this probably makes me a narrow-minded bitch, and I'm sure he's a perfectly nice person, and I have even listened to and enjoyed one or two of his songs, but...ugh.
3. Paris Hilton, for the obvious reasons. I'm not a big fan of stupidity, real or pretend.

Stephanie said...

I am sort of in love with Mike Rowe. I might shriek "MIKE ROWE!" every time I see a commercial for Dirty Jobs on TV. He just cracks me up, and for an older guy he's pretty cute.

Cheri said...

I must say, I came here from Sundry's website based on your Alton Brown comment in her latest post. I was planning on asking you what the appeal was/was I missing something because every time I watch him, I get a little....I don't know what the word is....I guess the sentiment is lost on me when he has the little skits, etc.., maybe I just haven't given him enough of a chance, I dunno. But, when I arrived at your site and saw that you share a love of Brett Favre and, well, you've gained a new regular reader in me. :) I love him waaay more than is healthy. Another man I love, but I don't know how far into "shooting the shit and having a beer" we'd get wtihout me attacking him is Dane Cook. Mrrrowl.

Tessie said...

I love, love, LOVE AB. He has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge but he doesn't take himself too seriously.

Mike Rowe. It's like, he's so...YUMMY and he doesn't even know it. Or, at least he ACTS like he doesn't. I would be totally bummed if I found out that he was an asshole or something. Same with Jon Stewart.

Swistle said...

Alton Brown and Jon Stewart are on my list too. Also Judith Martin (Miss Manners), Felicity Huffman, William H., I'd have to think more to see if there were others.

Flibberty said...

Jess, it's best not to think too hard 'bout these things.

P&D, I hear you on Tina Fey, but have no idea who Gillian Anderson is? If she was famous between 1996 and 2004, I waive a white flag becuase I did not own a television during those years.

Amber, Once again, you are ever so right on.

Stephanie, An old guy? He's the perfect age!

Cheri, I know, those stupid skits he does are sometimes even too much for me to take, but he really does dispense useful knowledge and his cook books are fantastic. He'll grow on you, I promise. He knows what he's doing.

Tessie, Amen sister.

Swistle, Miss Manners is a good one! In fact, everyone should sit down to a meal with him and we might avoid such horrendous things like taking phone calls in a restaurant or sending out registry cards in the invitations. She is a personal hero.

Cheri said...

I think Gillian Anderson is the girl from the X-files, no?