Thursday, October 29, 2009

And so it begins

I know this doesn't mean it's going to happen soon, but as of yesterday I'm 1.5 cm dilated and definitely losing my mucus plug. AHHHHH!!!!!

Okay, will remain calm and return to job at hand, which would be actual job.

Any of you mommies out there dilate at 36 weeks and lose your plug this early too? Tell me your stories in gory detail.

P.S. I just goggled "mucus plug" and you should definitely not do this, because there are pictures. Just saying. Be wary. Also, there are 12,000 ways to spell mucus and I have no idea which way is correct.


Fran said...

With all three of mine I dilated early and was at a 3 for two full weeks before going into labor. I only lost my plug with #2 and he was born 2 days later. Good luck, take it easy, try to rest up for the big day. Can't wait to hear how it went and see some pics of the baby.

Tess said...

Hello, this happened to me! Except I was 35 1/2 weeks. I lost my mucous plug and had some contractions for about a day and a half before I had Ava.

SQUEEEE! So excited and happy for you! Everything is going to be FINE. (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!)

CAQuincy said...

#1: I lost my mucus plug about 4-5 days before she was born--39 wks. I had just been to the doctor the day before and was still only 1.5 cm dilated. She came right on her due date.

#2: I lost my mucus plug right as I was starting to feel contractions (was 2 cm dilated at doc's 2 days prior). He came 6 days before DD.

#3: I dilated early with her (2 cm at 35-36 wks?) but STAYED at 2cm for a while. I also seem to remember losing the mucus plug just as labor set in. She came 7 days before DD. (BTW: she was born on November 20--five years ago!)

ooooohhhh! So excited!

Jess said...

So exciting! It's really going to happen! Eeeeee.

desperate housewife said...

I don't remember losing my plug with either of them- it seemed to come a little at a time for weeks at the end, just like a bunch of discharge-y stuff. Kind of gross, but maybe less gross than all at once, I don't know!
I was dilated to 1 by 32 weeks with both of them. I was dilated to 3 by 36 weeks with Addy, and had her at 36 wks, 3 days along. She was FINE, too, btw, no extra hospital time or anything.
With Eli I was dilated to 4 by 36 weeks, and yet walked around like that for another 2 weeks before he finally came. So sometimes dilation means something, and sometimes it means NOTHING.
Good luck to you either way!

Banana said...

So exciting!! Can't wait to see pictures of her!

Marie Green said...

Here's the thing about the end of pregnancy: some people loose their mucus plug, or start to dilate or BOTH, and go into labor right away. Some people are walking around dilated to 3-4cm for, LITERALLY, weeks. And some people are not dilated, or effaced, and go into labor.

It's really just a great, BIG, mind game. Because nothing really can tell us when or if we are going into labor. Except labor itself.

Grah. So frustrating!

Oh, but I also wanted to say that however your baby gets here, it will be a grand adventure. The particulars will not matter in the end!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

Hmmm... I don't remember what I was dilated, effaced or if I lost an entire plug of mucus for ANY of mine. All I know is they all eventually came out - that's the important thing. ;) YAY!