Thursday, May 01, 2008

procrastination, candy and mornings

I have things to do, and I don’t want to do them. I’m actually using work as a procrastination tool. That’s pathetic.

The stuff I have to do isn’t even difficult. I have to do things like figure out my insurance policy on the new house, set-up utilities, work out some tax business. Is this difficult? Not particularly, it’s just a pain in the ass, and I’d rather not be bothered. In fact, this is exactly the type of thing I wish I could make a secretary do, but apparently I’m not allowed to make a secretary take care of my personal needs, and also, I trust no one. I’m just going to whine about it until I do it, and then wonder why I work myself up about shit so much.

However, I found a little treasure trove of half-eaten candy bars in one of my desk drawers today. It was a little bit of awesome, because now I have a treat. Now, please don’t be grossed out that I hoard half-eaten candy bars in my desk, it’s not like they’ve been there for years, it’s just that sometimes I’ll get a candy bar and eat half of it, and then throw the rest in my desk so that it’s out of sight and temptation. For some reason, I feel okay eating half a candy bar, but eating a whole one makes me feel the need to run laps around our office building. This makes no sense, because last night I hate an entire Chipotle burrito, followed by a piece of pie and then a margarita. I’m not exactly calorie conscious except when it comes to candy bars. I’m weirder than you can imagine.

Speaking of weird . . . what’s your morning routine? What do you do the same every single morning? Personally, I get into the office, immediately log on to my computer, check both work and personal emails, poor a cup of coffee from my geeky little thermos, and then physically set up the files I’ll be working on that day. It never changes; I do it every day, rain or shine. What about you?


Jess said...

I have a whole little bizarre OCD routine in the morning. I get into the office, turn on my computer immediately because it takes forever to boot up, hang up my coat and turn on lights while I wait to enter my password, then put my purse away and change my shoes (I commute to work in flip flops when it's warm out) while it logs me in.

Then I fill out my time card from the day before, check my work email, check my personal email, post, and check my Google Reader. In that order.

Wow, I'm a creature of habit, huh?

Tessie said...

You TRUST NO ONE. So funny.

Every morning, I get my Launchcast (internet radio) going, then check my work email, then check my voicemails (HATE), then check my personal email, then my Google Analytics, THEN my Google Reader, and then I post. UHH. I only deviate if I get horribly, horribly distracted.

Alice said...

wow! i don't have a routine at all, really. i mean, i come in and turn on my computer.. and then.. uh.. work, and stuff. and check blogs. but in no particular order. i don't even get ready at my house in a specific order.

Pickles & Dimes said...

I tried to have a routine in the morning, but effing project managers flying out of nowhere nixed that idea pretty quick. On a perfect day, I log in, check my work emails, work, then check my iGoogle page (I have 4 tabs of blogs - much easier to see at a glance what's new than Google Reader, IMO).

BTW, I ate a half-eaten Kit Kat that I discovered in my car console yesterday that had been there for over a week. Still tasty!

JMC said...

My morning depends on what time various kids get up, but I ALWAYS brush my teeth first thing. I HATE morning mouth.

Noelle said...

I try and switch it up so life doesn't become dull. Sometimes I check blogs first, and sometimes personal email. But never, ever work until my mid-day snack.

Somehow, I'm still bored.

artemisia said...

I always, ALWAYS put off the mundane crap until it becomes urgent and truly painful. Gah.

When I don't have a co-worker eagerly awaiting me to PRINT SOMETHING for them (they are all convinced that my networked computer is somehow different than their own networked computers and that I can [magically] get shit to print...???), I do this:

Toss my purse and gym bag under my desk with my left hand while turning on my computer with my right hand. Unless - the computer is on because I compulsively backed the entire hard drive up the night before, in which case I swirl the mouse around to wake it up and then hang up my coat.

Say hello to the two, sometimes three co-workers hanging out in my office. (COZY)

Snag my coffee mug (the same travel mug I've had since I was a sophomore in college) and head down the hall to the kitchen to clean it out before filling 'er right back up with jet fuel.

Then, open Outlook but totally ignore it, open my personal e-mail, then Google Reader.

The opening of these programs is as close as I get to a routine. It is usually at this point when all hell breaks loose in my day.

moo said...

I have NO IDEA what you are talking about re: candy bars. ::nervous laughter:: um, yeah. NO CLUE. What's that in my cubby? NOT a half-eaten dove bar. OH NO!

CAQuincy said...

Heh. You make me miss work sometimes. Sometimes.

Um. I hit the snooze for a complete HOUR's worth before I finally get up, wake up kid A and then nag her all morning to eat, pack lunch (she insists on doing it herself, and who am I to argue?), brush her teeth and hair, and then get out the door to get on the bus. While I am sitting on the couch reading and sipping my coffee with french vanilla creamer. Then I get Kid B and C up and they eat--while I'm still reading on the couch.

I tell myself EVERY DAY that I will actually make it up with the first, maybe even the SECOND, alarm and actually get a shower in BEFORE the chaos begins, but it never happens. Am pathetically lazy.

LoriD said...

I come to work, buy a coffee on my way up to my office, then go up a little-travelled stairwell so I don't have to deal with inane issues before I get my coat off. I enter my office, say good morning to my assistant, put my coffee on my desk and turn on my computer. Then I take off my coat, put away my purse etc. while the computer warms up. I check email first, ask my assistant for any urgent matters that have come up, then check my voicemail last (hate the voicemail). This is my lame routine every. single. morning.

nancypearlwannabe said...

It made me sad that you pointed out that Chipotle burritos are not, in fact, good for you. I like to think they are healthy despite all evidence to the contrary. Rice! Beans! Lettuce! 8 lbs of guacamole!

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I get up whenever my two year old wakes me, which is almost always at the exact same time every morning. We go downstairs, I get him juice, I pee, I get the other kid juice, I go get various dogs out of various nighttime boxes and they go pee, I watch them b/c even though they're all girls, they all cock their legs and mark over the others' pee, and then I get on the computer. Every morning. Pretty glamorous, I know.