Wednesday, April 30, 2008

questions on an elevator

I am sitting here, at my desk, in my office, awaiting the download of a recording of a hearing I will be forced to listen to in approximately 3 days, because this download is taking that long. What in the hell is wrong with computers these days? I know Tessie mentioned that Google was acting squirrelly today, but in my experience, everyday is a slow computer day. Maybe it’s the fact that I work in the public sector (not much money to spend on computers), or maybe it’s the fact that my personal computer is 4 years old, which in computer-years is approximately prehistoric. Anyway, computers waste inordinate amounts of time even before I actually do anything with them. This is why I’ve been avoiding computers unless necessary; say for the general keeping of my job.

Regardless, I am here to say hello and discuss a topic that has very little to do with anything going on in my life right now, except for that fact that I just had a discussion about baby names with a very friendly stranger while riding in the elevator. She was pregnant, and asked me what I (a complete stranger) thought of the name “Victor.” Also, as soon as she asked me this question, I tried to channel my inner Swistle, but I'm just not as good at this as Swistle.

I said that it was a very strong name, and not a very common name, which were two good points. But I also said that there weren’t very many options for nick-names and would she want her child to be called “Vic?” Then I back peddled, because she is a stranger, and I don’t like offending ANYONE. I told her it was a great name, and I loved it and ignore everything I said about the nick-name.

Then I started thinking about the names I have on “reserve” for any offspring that come about in the future. You see, I have always wanted to name a son “Charlie.” I just love that name and think it’s great because it’s old, but new again, and it can be dressed up or dressed down and really, it’s just a solid, sturdy, never-get-sick-of-it name. Then I met the man who would someday father my children, and as it would turn out, he had a horse named Charlie. God damn it. Why? We cannot name a child after a horse, or any former pet, no matter how beloved. Scratch Charlie off the list.

As for girls, well, I love the name “Lydia.” It’s perfect, especially with the middle name I have already chosen, “Rose.” I told Brett that our future daughter will be named “Lydia Rose” and he seemed to be okay with that, although at this point, with children so far out in the future, I could have told him our daughter would be named “Tattoo Begonia” and he would have nodded with acceptance. I’m holding him to it, though, it was a verbal agreement and those are binding in the jurisdiction of our apartment.


Jess said...

Damn it! Verbal agreements are binding in the jurisdiction of our apartment too, but tragically Torsten KNOWS that and keeps shooting down the names I like! Gah!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I do really like Charlie, but like you said, the nick name sucks, I hate Chuck.

Noelle said...

Whenever I hear of someone named Victor, I think "What's our Vector Victor?"

My sister was going to change her middle name to Rose, but decided to stick it out with what she was given.

Swistle said...

Tattoo Begonia is lovely: strong and not very common. Unfortunately, not many options for nicknames.

Banana said...

I love Lydia Rose, so pretty. I love coming up with names and my husband almost always hates them all. I think I'll use Tattoo Begonia on the next go.

artemisia said...

Ha! I would have started SWEATING if a total stranger asked me about a name. Jeezuz!

I always thought I'd name a daughter Zoe. A character in a favorite childhood book had that name.

Then it became popular. Boo.

Then I decided I didn't want kids.

Besides, A. can't stand the name. The man has POOR TASTE.

JMC said...

Lydia Rose sounds beautiful.

I also like Tattoo Begonia. Though Begonia seems a bit feminine for the middle name of a short little asian/hawaiian/filipino/what WAS that little dude anyway?

Boss! De Plane! De Plane!

Tessie said...

I LOVE Lydia Rose!

For some reason I like Victoria for a girl, but not so much Victor for a guy. Dunno why.

Alice said...

tattoo begonia... hee. heeheehee.

all i get with victor is victor/victoria. also vincent price, oddly, even though YES I KNOW it's not his name. whatever, i can't help my mind associations..

nancypearlwannabe said...

It does seem a bit odd that a stranger asked you about baby names, but you were very diplomatic. I probably would have made a face when she asked about the name Victor, since I am not a fan at all, and then she would definitely be offended.

Anonymous said...

I like Charlie AND Lydia. But the horse, ugh. My little sister Tayla is sort of named after our former german shepherd, Tao, and she HATES that.So good call about the horse.

-R- said...

I am instituting a new rule at my home that oral agreements are now binding in the jurisdiction of my home! Yes! That is an excellent idea.

Also, I hope I have a child before you so that I can steal the name Tattoo Begonia from you. I think Tattoo works well for both a boy and a girl. Maybe I will modify it to Tattoo Cactus if it is a boy.

moo said...

I find that every baby name I liked before I got pregnant went ZIP! out the window as soon as I began gestating. Why?

It's one of the mysteries of pregnancy, I guess, along with craziness, forgetfulness, and flatulence.