Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Hitting the “shuffle” button on one’s iPod is dangerous. By example, I show you what happened at 12:44pm, Wednesday afternoon:

Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing. (Work is the exact opposite of the correct time to listen to this song.)

How High the Moon – Ella Fitzgerald live in Berlin. (Excellent, except now I want a martini. Work place frowns upon midday Martini having.)

Someone to Love – Fountains of Wayne. (This is actually a pretty great pop song and especially great if you’re a late 20’s or early 30’s person who feels something akin to teenage angst.)

Hansel and Gretl, Dream Pantomine – Arthur Fiedler. (WTF? Seriously, where did I procure this and why?)

Universe & U – KT Tunstall. (Who’s a good little iPod? Who? You, that’s right!)

Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) – Marvin Gay and Diana Ross. (I get weirder by the moment, don’t I?)

Gear Jammer – George Thorogood. (Well, this is just embarrassing)

Distractions – Zero 7. (I would be cool if it was 2002 and my name was Zac Braff.)

Fuzzy – Grant Lee Buffalo. (I’ve never heard of him either.)

Pose – Justin Timberlake. (Don’t be a hater, JT is sexy and you know it!)

Love Me Like a Song – Kimmie Rhodes and Willie Nelson. (This is a great love song)

Come on Closer - Jem. (Suddenly I remember why I cried when The O.C. went off the air.)

Conquest – The White Stripes. (This song makes me want to do a couple of things: Work-out; dance the tango; and bull fight -- clearly, a remarkable song.)

Out of Exile – Audioslave. (Chris Cornell, how I love thee!)

Slim Shady – Eminem. (Oh shit, ALERT! Turn volume down. NSF! I might as well look up porn while I’m at it.)

That song from the Office Space soundtrack when they beat up the fax machine. (Awesome!)


Alice said...

this makes me want an ipod.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Wait, Jem? As in Jem and the Rockers? Like from when we were little kids?

Animanous said...

I assume you meant NSA. Unless you are scared the National Science Foundation (NSF) is monitoring your every move?

Damn those nosey scientists, all up in our bidness all the time.

Flibberty said...

This is why posting twice a day is a bad idea:

Dutchess, it is not Jem and the ROckers, there is a British singer who's music was on The O.C. all the time, and I bought her album, and it's quite good acually - check it out.

Animanous, It should be NSFW or "not safe for work."

Tessie said...

Totally a double poster today too. Super bad idea. Although I did get a little lift out of the Flibberty Deuce (UM! Forget that part!)

Damn it feels good to be a gansta! Perfect work song.

Noelle said...

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

I love Nightclubbing the song so much more than I love nightclubbing the activity.

Pickles & Dimes said...

I have Jem and KT Tunstall too. Love them.

desperate housewife said...

Ahh, I just watched Office Space a few days ago. That song's gonna be in my head all day now.

Swistle said...

Printer! Right? Printer? They beat up a printer?

Cheri said...

I love Jack White/White Stripes so very, very much!!

Rachel said...

Wow! What a variety of songs! Haha! I wish I had a regular Ipod. I asked for one for my birthday...For now I just have a suffle!

Manic Mom said...

Not related to this post at all but had to come over and tell you that you had me at "turnip head."

I am enamored by your wit!!

Melain said...

"...especially great if you’re a late 20’s or early 30’s person who feels something akin to teenage angst."

That is SO me!!! I clearly need to find this song and make it my new best friend. And HELLO! Come on Closer: one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!

Funny you did this post! I have one almost just like it on my list of future posts! Now I know it's a good idea cuz I really like reading yours.

Cheri said...

Dude! It's been like 2 weeks since an update, you okay???