Wednesday, February 27, 2008

100 things of note (all about me of course)

A lot of people hate this "100 things" list, but heck, I've been working on it for a while, jotting down 1 or 2 a day, and why not post it. It's a little window into the rock-star lifestyle I obviously lead. Hang on to your britches, here we go . . .

1. I am perfectly on the cusp between Libra and Scorpio.
2. Sometimes I believe in things like astrology, sometimes I do not.
3. I won “The Average Joe” award in law school for being the EXACT median of our class rank. It is neither good nor bad to be me.
4. I quit caffeine in November of 2007. I do not miss it.
5. I quit smoking in March of 2006. Sometimes I miss it.
6. I am messy and disorganized right now. It stresses me out.
7. I lived in Montana for 3 years. I met my future husband in Montana.
8. I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota.
9. My mother is an elementary school teacher, my father is a lawyer, my sister and her husband own a business, I mostly feel like the failure of the family even though I’m technically successful. Self-esteem is a bitch.
10. I love my future husband more than I thought I ever would love anyone.
11. I love fancy food and yet sometimes all I really want is Kraft mac and cheese and McNuggets.
12. I drink a lot of beer and wine but don’t really care for hard alcohol.
13. I have two dogs, a poodle and a pomeranian. They are my babies.
14. I have very chubby cheeks, which will always make me look younger than my age.
15. I rarely get carded.
16. I turned 30 last year.
17. I didn’t really care.
18. I take a sleeping pill.
19. I worked in a day care/preschool for 5 years. I am very good with children and have the patience of a saint. If I could pay off my student loans AND eat with the salary of a pre-school teacher, I would have remained there.
20. I love T.V.
21. I have a lot of student loan debt. I doesn’t really bother me because education is worth the price.
22. I have very few regrets.
23. Some days I LOVE Chicago, but mostly prefer the rural life.
24. Brett is a better cook than I will ever be. Sometimes I feel bad that my domestic skills are not better.
25. I wish I could knit, draw and had a whole room to craft around in.
26. I want a piano desperately.
27. I played the flute for 13 years, but have no interest in ever picking it up again.
28. High school sucked.
29. College was a little bit too fun.
30. Law school was the perfect balance.
31. I have lived in the following places: St. Paul, MN; Appleton, WI; Athens, GA; Milwaukee, WI; San Antonio, TX; Madison, WI; Billings, MT; Naperville, IL.
32. My sister is my best girl friend.
33. I have had to break-up with more girlfriends than boyfriends.
34. I used to be fashionable, and then I started living on a budget.
35. This year we will take a real vacation, somewhere that requires passports.
36. I am liberal.
37. I am shy, but mostly people like me.
38. I drive a Hyundai and I love it.
39. I volunteer at an animal shelter.
40. I would love to have a farm where I could take in homless pets.
41. My career takes second priority to most other things in my life
42. I am bored with “stuff.”
43. Smell is my most powerful memory generator.
44. I’ve always felt fat even when I was skinny.
45. I have extreme empathic embarrassment for characters on T.V. and in movies.
46. I love to bake brownies and cookies.
47. I talk to my mom, my sister and my aunt multiple times per week.
48. Otherwise, I hate talking on the phone.
49. I miss being in school.
50. Road trips are so much fun.
51. I have a crush on Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and would consider changing careers if it meant I could hang out with him.
52. I’m self-conscious about the size of my breasts (they are HUGE)
53. I met James Carville once. I was a dork.
54. I am exasperated by rude people.
55. My favorite month is October. My favorite day is Friday. My favorite time is bedtime.
56. I’m not very good at sleeping.
57. I love Target.
58. My dream housing situation would be a farm in the country AND an apartment in the city. I’d spend 90% of my time at the farm.
59. I wish I could magically get everyone I love to live in the same town.
60. I’d be okay living on a commune with my friends and family.
61. I’m obsessed with remote locations.
62. I love all animals, except snakes. I fear snakes.
63. I still get nervous when the phone rings at my office. I’m always convinced someone will find out I have no idea what I’m doing being a lawyer.
64. I like to have the T.V. on when I’m alone, for “company.”
65. I smile at everyone. Some people get freaked out.
66. I hate the dentist.
67. I wish I had become a nurse or doctor.
68. I went to law school to prove something to my father.
69. I love bar food.
70. I don’t believe in a “God” as most people think of it.
71. My grandma died when I was 11. I still miss her.
72. My future in-laws are very nice.
73. My family is awkward.
74. I don’t like my step-mother or my step-father very much.
75. When I’m super stressed out, I break out in hives. Sexy.
76. I love Christmas music.
77. Football season is my new favorite season.
78. I am extraordinarily lucky for my lot in life.
79. I love peas.
80. I am not terribly fond of broccoli.
81. Politics are tiresome.
82. I’ve never been to Canada.
83. I’ve visited most of Western Europe.
84. I have no desire to go to China.
85. When I’m away from home, I have a lingering fear I’ll never return.
86. I’m scared of ghosts.
87. I bitch and moan about winter, but in many ways I prefer it to summer.
88. I get paid very well to surf the internet and stare out the window.
89. I am always listening to music while I work.
90. I shower at least twice a day.
91. I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people.
92. I feel like I have a blogging “posse” and I love it.
93. I feel like a career is just a necessary step towards retirement.
94. I hate 80’s music.
95. I frequently misplace my hands on my keyboard (i.e. not on the proper QWERTY formation) and spend paragraphs of work typing "sdliermblawk hogwlia hwoeic."
96. I could eat cheese and bread for every meal.
97. I’m secretly scared of being convicted for a crime I didn’t commit. Probably harkens back to my 2.5 minutes of being a public defender.
98. I change socks frequently when I’m at home because I cannot abide a dirty sock.
99. I hate carpet with a passion.
100. I hope that wasn’t too boring.


Stephanie said...

I just read through your entire list and realized that we have much in common. Specifically, our crushes on Mike Rowe, the fact that we don't like our step-parents very much, and we love Target.

LoriD said...

That wasn't boring at all. Wow on the eating disorders.

I also prefer winter to summer, most of the time.

Never been to Canada? Well, I'm doing a girls weekend in Chicago next month, so maybe you could plan a trip this way. You know, to make it even in blog world.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I am madly in love with Mike Rowe. I was actually just watching Dirty Jobs last night and considered sending him an email telling him how hard I would bang him, then realized that was pretty stalkerish and crazy so I decided against it. I guess it is pretty stalkerish that I'm even telling you this.

Tessie said...

I love this! You DO have a blog posse!

You already know we have lots of stuff in common.

I didn't know you worked in daycare for THAT LONG! What is your favorite age?

That Average Joe thing is fricking awesome.

JMC said...

This was fascinating. We have quite a bit in common, and I love the career being a necessary step toward retirement.

There are no characters pictures at all for the word verification. I wonder what's going to happen...

Nothing. Should've known.

claire said...

Wait, i'm not the only one with the mad love for Mike Rowe? I thought i was weird... (Dutchess of Kickball made me lol) My boyfriend has even gotten a little jealous when i have Dirty Jobs-a-thons. :)

I love 100 Things lists. You get more information sometimes that way then in just regular posts. Your #63? Totally common - happens to me too, and i'm not even as important as a lawyer. Meh.

Jess said...

I loved this list. I read every single item on it. And was all like "Me too" on about half of them.

You DO have a blog posse. So do I, apparently. It became clear to me when there was a whole Tessie vs. Me Faceoff in the comments on JMC's blog when she gave out those addiction awards. It was such a funny feeling.

sally said...

Ditto everyone else, I kept saying: me too! What did you do in Athens, Ga?

Flibberty said...

Oh you guys are nice for not groaning at the predictability of the 100 things.

Tessie: I love 1 year olds. They're hilarious, mostly because they are trying to walk and falling down a lot. Also, they still want lots and lots of cuddle and fall asleep in your arms.

Sally: I worked as a legal secretary for 3 months in Athens. It was completely random and simply because I needed something to do before law school started and I had a friend down there.

Does anyone know if Mike Rowe has a significant other, or is he in some sort of off camera love fest with "Barsky?"

Artemisia said...

I love this!

I envy your love of children. They mostly scare the shit right out of me.

We will always fight over the radio station. I HEART 80s MUSIC.

We'd also fight over who gets to make out with our shared crush, Mike Rowe.

You totally have a blog posse!

I wish I had taken 30 with as much grace as you did. I was a MESS.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I like 100-things posts. And like your other commentors, I kept thinking, me too! And for some reason I keep forgetting that we live near each other. That's not that significant, I guess, b/c that means we also live near millions of other people we don't know. I might have the same birthday--10/23. Sometimes it's listed as Libra, sometimes as Scorpio. I've just decided to go with Scorpio. I love that you're secretly scared of being convicted for a crime you didn't commit. Too funny. I feel that way every time I watch Law & Order.

desperate housewife said...

I identified very much with the chubby cheek thing. Mine are so noticeable that people who barely know me feel entitled to PINCH them and say HOW CUTE, etc. I mostly hate it. And it makes me feel like my face is fat.

Banana said...

Me too so much! Especially:
11. I love fancy food and yet sometimes all I really want is Kraft mac and cheese and McNuggets.
14. I have very chubby cheeks, which will always make me look younger than my age.
25. I wish I could knit, draw and had a whole room to craft around in.
33. I have had to break-up with more girlfriends than boyfriends.
34. I used to be fashionable, and then I started living on a budget.
44. I’ve always felt fat even when I was skinny.
55. My favorite month is October.

Katrin said...

This was fun! You sound very nice, and I loved your post about how you met your fiancé. :)

Penny said...

Out of all of them, the "blogging posse" was the best. And possibly the 80's music.

Good facts. Not boring.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Mike Rowe! Mike Rowe! Mike Rowe!

I have 14, 15, 51, 69 and 96 in common with you.

You can definitely learn to knit. If me and my distinct lack of spatial skills can do it, you can too.

#95 made me laugh out loud.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Also, Mike says he's got a "very understanding gal" in California.

I bet he's saying that to prevent women like me from stalking him...

amber said...

I thought I was the only person who breaks out in hives (horrible, itchy, red hives!) when I'm stressing. And your list was entertaining - if I lived in Chicago, I'd buy us lunch.

Cheri said...

Dude, thru this entire list I was going "ME TOO" or "OMG, ME TOOOOOO" and you totally had me until YOU HATE 80s MUSIC???? Dude!! How anyone can hate 80s music is beyond me. And - I prefer the HAIRBAND variety thankyouverymuch.

Also, my fingers often start off on the wrong keys as well - and at my job at a credit card company we'll call Riscover Card, one of the things I have to type often (like, 100x a night) comes out one letter off from CINNABON, which EVERY single time gets me thinking about cinnamon rolls.

We have got to get together for a drink sometime, I work in Deerfield for God's sake and live just over the WI/IL border.

Cheri said...

Also, apparently I have a proclivity to use the word DUDE too many times in one paragraph as well.

Many apologies. :)

Lara said...

Not boring at all, Flibberty!! I love these lists and am fascinated by the fact that you take at least two showers per day! Also, with regards to #45 - do you like the show The Office? Because I do not, and I attribute that fact to my own extreme feelings of embarrassment for the characters, and I think I and my husband are the only people in the whole wide world who don't like that show.

Marie Green said...

Loved it!

Black Sheeped said...

I get those hives too! It's pretty exciting. Where "exciting" equals "awful and gross." Of course.

jenas said...

65th one was hilarious.. Say cheese Fliberty.