Thursday, January 17, 2008


I knew some girls in Montana who were not really my speed. I liked them fine, but they would sometimes grate on my nerves because they had these little sayings. For example, when one of them would say something cute about her boyfriend, the other ones would automatically ring in saying “Pukey-Puke!” Anyway, I’m about to go all “Pukey-Puke!” on your asses . . .

Sometimes I cannot believe my luck and fortune to be with this man.

. . . end pukey-puke transmission.


Jess said...

You guys are the perfect couple. Seriously. And pukey-pukily adorable.

Artemisia said...

That man is FUNNY. Yes, indeed.

One of my best friend's got into a "What's up, Bitch" phase with another girlfriend, and I nearly poked my eyes out with her Hello Kitty pen every time I heard the "Bitches" talk come up. Lordy.

Not to mention, (but to yes, mention) I have a very complicated relationship with the word, who says it, to whom, etc. I am not completely convinced that two women calling each other "bitches" fully re-appropriates the term.

But, holy hell that is enough theory-talk before lunch.

Tessie said...

Seriously, the awesome+awesome couple seems exceedingly rare. When we meet new couples, one person is usually AWSE, while the other one clearly SUX.

Anyway, I agree, obv. I mean, not in a YUCKY way, or anything. In a "hearty handshake" way, not a "full mouth kiss" way.

Also, "not my speed" is an awesome expression that no one here seems to use. Boo.

desperate housewife said...

This is a late comment for your last post- vaginal physical therapy?! That is AWESOME! Who knew? Wonder if there is penile phy. therapy?

Stephanie said...

I can just imagine the Montana pukey-pukers, though I have never actually known anyone from Montana before. I think they might make me want to pukey-puke. But you and Brett? Are cutey-cute.