Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh dear

Oh dear. It seems people are coming to my little blog looking for answers about all sorts of things from how to find a wedding dress to accommodate fake boobies to a quandary regarding a lack of vagina. Oh dear indeed.

On a different note, let's talk about something that will be safe from seedy google searches . . . The Weather (riveting, I know). It's just that it's snowing a bit right now and the snow looks like glitter. Seriously, it's like someone threw down some Elmer's glue and is now dusting a coat of glitter over this card board paper we call earth. Quite pretty really.

Also, it's fucking cold, and still our dogs have yet to learn to use the toilet. They don't like going out in this weather and don't like it either. The solution would obviously be to teach them to use the toilet, but they are dogs of very little brain (one is name after Winnie the Pooh for crying out loud) and would undoubtedly fall in. So, we will just maintain with the other operation, which is strategically changing into my pajamas at like 4pm such that Brett is then forced to take the dogs out when it gets really cold because, "I can't take the dogs out, I'm in my pajamas." Diabolical.

New topic . . .

Yesterday I wrote about all these diets I'm on. Really, what I'm doing (Brett came up with this plan, so I can't take credit) is sticking to the one diet for 10 days and seeing how I feel, and then trying the other diet for 10 days and seeing how I feel. Good plan. So far, I'm feeling pretty good on the No-Bladder-Irritant diet that involves lots and lots of healthy things. Sadly, alcohol is not one of them, but I will survive.


Jess said...

I think the one-at-a-time approach is good. And will also keep you from puking every time you so much as look at a bowl of rice in the future.

Tessie said...

Our dogs will NOT pee when it's raining outside. You have to DRAG them and then stand there for 20 minutes, SOAKING YOURSELF, until they either give up or reabsorb the pee. Probably best we don't live up north, glittery snow (*SOB*) aside.

Penny said...

Is there anything ELSE relevant in January besides the sucky weather? I think not.