Thursday, November 29, 2007

Part I of an ongoing series: If we had a lot of money, then these are some things I might have at our wedding:

1) A small orchestra playing Albinoni’s Concerti a cinqe while I walk down the aisle

2) An actual aisle

3) An organ playing Widor’s Toccatta from Organ Symphony No. 5 when we exit the ceremony (raised by music dorks, I can't help it)

4) Cristal all around! (I don't know? Is Cristal really all that? I'd settle for the Champagne of beers if it meant everyone in attendance would get loaded and have a good time!)

What did you guys have playing when you took the walk?


Tessie said...

Canon in D. FUCKING SNORE. I've never had Cristal. Maybe just a bottle for the two of you?

Jess said...

We haven't answered that question yet, but dude. Aisles are not expensive. You can make one out of anything. And even if it's in a place that is totally not aisle-appropriate, I think that would just make a makeshift aisle that much cooler.