Monday, November 26, 2007

Destroying the evidence

Hi everybody!

I had a minor "delete" fit the other night, because I was reading some of my posts and got all red in the face and embarrassed and self-conscious and suddenly feared that someone at work would find it and really I should just follow the creed of the Dooce and never write about anything having to do with work. Also, I tend to write and not proof read and hit publish and there are oh so many errrorrs. So . . . I'm not gone, just using a blank slate because (a) that writing was sloppy; and (b) I'm paranoid; and (c) I can do better. Now don't go thinking I'm suddenly going to turn on the correct grammar switch, because that ship sailed in 8th grade when I decided that diagraming sentences was against my religion, and then it briefly came into port again in law school, but now I'm just too lazy. If I ever get to write like a normal person (and not a legal drone) and get paid for it, then we'll reconsider. But for now, I will write like I write emails to friends because you all are nice and forgiving and lovely persons.

I hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving! I'll be back after work.

Love, Flib


Tessie said...

A blog do-over! I love it. I should probably do a scouring myself. Glad you didn't, like, DELETE THE BLOG or some crazy shit like that.

claire said...

Oh, i hope you didn't delete it permanently. As horrible as my writing may seem to me after a few years, i always love going back to read about whatever it was that i was doing when i produced the crap-pile of grammatical errors and incessant whining. But i'm like that.

Jess said...

But! I love your blog! And you are so funny! I seriously hope that you have archived those entries somewhere so that you at least can read over some of those sly, hysterical gems and make yourself laugh. Also, glad you didn't decide to (shudder) STOP BLOGGING.

Black Sheeped said...

Sometimes I mean to do this, and then I get so horrified by my writing that I have to stop because it is too humiliating for me to read. I end up quitting early on in my archives, and squirming around a lot mentally in anguish, and then work hard on pretending that I didn't really say all the things.

So, I understand. You are just not as lazy/squirmy as I am.