Monday, October 19, 2009

pumps and nazi's, in that order pretty much

Hi. Don't have any new pictures for you. Working on it. Our camera is being difficult and I would really like a new one before baby, but I keep bleeding money due to purchase of such as things as breast pumps. For the love, these pumps are expensive. I know, they are well worth it and I finally (after agonizing over it for literally months) pushed the "purchase" button.

I did a lot of research before buying mine, and while everyone sings the praises of the Medela, I did not go with that particular model. Instead, I went with the Ameda because it was recommended by every lactation consultant I've talked too (which would be all of two) and a very normal, nice, big boobed lady in my LLL group. And yes, I've joined the breast feeding nazi's and so far, well I haven't seen anything particularly alarming about their behavior. They've been nothing but helpful and nice and I'm going to rely on them pretty heavily once baby is here and I need help with breastfeeding. Plus, I need some Mama friends, and many of these ladies I can see being friends with.

I also joined another Mama group, which is ridiculous seeing as I haven't even given birth yet, but I'm desperate for friends who are also moms because none of my friends have kids yet. Well, one just had her first 6-weeks ago, but she lives in California, so what good does that do me? Another one just found out she was pregnant, but is not due for 7 more months, so again, what good? I need me some mommy friends. I am stalking moms. I am crazy. If you have a child and live in the general vicinity of Northern Illinois, watch out if you see me at Target or the grocery store, I may come after you.


CAQuincy said...

I was a member of LLL, too. My group was wonderful and nice and oh, so helpful that I recommend that group to EVERY pregnant person I know. So...if you lived in Rochester, I'd be sending you a link...!

I have a friend who lives in your vicinity who just had a baby last week. Hmmm....wondering if it would be a good "match?" I dunno. Setting up potential new mom friends is almost as scary as setting up a blind date!

CAQuincy said...

OMG. My word verification for that last post was "mensa." As in that group who would LAUGH if I tried to enter!

Laura said...

I'm a mom in the northwest suburbs of Chicago! Also a lawyer (aren't you one too??) E-mail me!

I mean, if you want to. Now I feel like a stalker. ANYWAY - I loved breasfeeding, but it really only "worked" with my second, so my only advice is to be easy on yourself. You will do your best and that is all you can ask of yourself.

Marie Green said...

I loved LLL and found our local group to be a very loving and supportive group of women.

You are smart, so very VERY VERY smart to be joining mom groups now. I think if one single thing is lacking for mothers in our country, it's lack of community. Instead of having a group of women around to support us during those tough times after a new baby, we instead go home- alone- to a nicely decorated baby nursery where we sit for days and hours on end it a comfortable rocking chair. Alone. Or at least without the support of people that have "been there". I mean, the dads can only offer so much right?

Ok, now I'm taking over your comments, so I'll stop.

Oh! But wait! You should DEFINITELY submit that receipt for your breast pump to insurance. I know of MANY instances where insurance companies SAY they don't cover them, but then when they get the bill, they DO cover it. Esp. if you are returning to work.