Friday, February 06, 2009

Too lazy to post on FB and also still skeptical of FB

25 things about me:
1. In junior high and possibly beyond, I had a major crush on Peter Jennings.
2. I like the word “bailiwick” but am not terribly fond of “nadir.”
3. I have really good ideas when I’m driving.
4. I love recipes and magazines involving recipes and cooking.
5. My husband is a better cook than I am, but I’m a better baker.
6. We are loathe to admit that we are foodies and possibly winos.
7. I’ve had 4 speeding tickets in my life: Two in the same day, and one the first day of my job here in Chicago. Neither of these days do I want to remember in any detail.
8. I am a pretty good driver, really.
9. I used to be a pretty good piano player. I have since forgotten how to play, but I will learn again now that I’ve got a fancy new piano.
10. I can type really really fast.
11. I’m afraid of the dark and things that go bump in the night. Our children will have to check my closet at bedtime.
12. I am also very afraid of snakes and semi-trucks crushing me and/or forcing me off of a bridge. I have some fear issues, clearly.
13. I love dogs.
14. I am ridiculously and painfully sensitive.
15. If I could do it over again, I’d be a nurse.
16. I picked up my love of home-grown humor (i.e. Garrison Keillor) from my father, my appreciation of classical music from my mother, and my love and toleration of weird stuff from my sister. They are all great people.
17. I have never been a good sleeper. Too anxious about everything.
18. I average four cups of coffee a day.
19. We routinely hang out with people our parents’ age. Not on purpose.
20. I routinely talk to myself during the day, and I routinely refer to myself via my maiden name. E.G. “Get it together lastname!” or “left shoe on left foot, lastname!”
21. I’ve become a better person in the past few years.
22. In fact, I’ve become a better person in the past month.
23. I have very good taste in television, but for two digressions, one on MTV and one on TLC.
24. I wish I had thicker, fuller hair. Any product that claims to provide you with same is a liar.
25. I believe I have a charmed life.


Jess said...

But what about the FOURTH speeding ticket?

Tess said...

For the love of god, WHAT ARE THE TV DIGRESSIONS?

Also, I HAVE THAT FEAR, the one with the semi forcing me off the bridge. OMG OMG OMG.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

I'm afraid a semi will crush my car against those concrete barrier things.

Also, I can't find you on facebook. Help me be your friend!

LoriD said...

Oooo... a fancy new piano. I took piano for 9 years. I wish I had kept it up. I'm putting the older two in lessons next year, so maybe I'll have a fancy new piano too!

Alice said...

HELL YEAH on #24. all the claims are bogus! sadly for me!

i so want a fancy piano! i have one of the electric kinds, where it's like 283092863 times better than a keyboard, but still not a Real Piano. le sigh.

claire said...

#3 - me too.

#6 - i believe that means you're a wine "connoisseur". At least, that's what i call myself.

And #24 - Pffff. Totally.

Animanous said...

I think I could be comfortable with combining the terms wino or wine connoisseur to "wino connoisseur". Just don't like foodie. Don't know why, it just seems like a pretentious label.