Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bringin' da crazy

First thing’s first, I totally started up again because Tess did. It’s true. I read her post and thought, man, why aren’t I blogging anymore? Because it’s all about me, all the time, apparently.

Secondly, I’ve had a lot of strange things happening to me lately; strange in the way that they can’t all be coincidences. Someone once told me, or maybe it was in a book (who am I kidding? It was probably in a magazine) that when shit like this happens, it’s just because you started paying attention and noticed things that would normally go unnoticed. The used the example of the number 23. Apparently you tell people that 23 is the most common number, and suddenly people are looking for 23 and noticing it, whereas they normally would not pay any attention. The result is that they see all these 23s and are like, “you’re right, 23 is totally common!” I say that’s very NOT fun and I prefer my logic: It’s magical and mysterious and I am special!

I totally believe in the crazy shit though. I mean, not the really crazy shit (mostly), but I am a firm believer in the unknowable and the special and the universe working in ways that I don’t understand (some may call them “mysterious ways” :). Maybe it’s just a way for me to keep hopeful in times of stress, or happy in times of sadness, but I like it when the universe sort of winks at you and I take comfort in the weirdest of weird things. And believe me when I say I am not a very religious person in the usual meaning of that term. It’s just nice to feel like maybe, just maybe, I’m on the right path even if I mostly feel like I’m flailing down life’s path like a monkey doing cartwheels. I sort of use these “coincidences” as the universe’s little mile-markers and it gives me a sense of peace and trajectory that I mostly lack.

And now we will return to the slightly less insane ramblings of your’s truly . . . except that I have to go now, so that’s all you get.


Jess said...

I'm glad that you draw comfort from coincidences. I don't really believe in mystical magic stuff but I do have a general belief that things tend to work themselves out and I think that's kind of the same thing from another angle. Or maybe it's just because I haven't had to live through anything truly atrocious.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Yay, so glad to have you back!

Tess said...

Um, YAY.

I've been thinking a lot about this lately, for obvious reasons. I totally believe in the unknowable, and I've been asking for the universe or WHOEVS to tell me what to do, when I think it's more about knowing whether you're on the right PATH or not, not necessarily where you're going.