Thursday, July 10, 2008

approaching time warp

It’s storming outside at 5:16pm on this Thursday afternoon. I’m in my office, trying to finish work before I go home. I need to stay late so that I can be gone for TWO WHOLE WEEKS(!!!) in August. It’s approaching very soon, but I have a lot to do before we go.

I feel a tad nauseous today. Unfortunately my nausea is due to the bizarre foods I ate in attempt to make up for a failed lunch. I thought we had some sort of office barbeque today, but it’s actually next week, which makes me an idiot. I sauntered out of my office and out to the parking lot, expecting to find a big tent and the smell of grilling meat, but instead I saw cars. Sheepishly I hurried back to my office and re-read the damn memo. Next week.

Then I ate some yogurt, a banana, a handful of crackers and have been sucking on hard candy. I guess that’s not so bad, but I don’t feel very good nonetheless. Plus, I would like to go home now because office = lifeforce sucking machine.


Tessie said...

I get barfy lately from hard candy! I don't know what THAT'S all about. Low sugar tolerance in my old age? Dunno.

Jess said...

That lunch actually sounds reasonable to me. Sorry your stomach didn't agree.