Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm Back! Now with even more lameness!

You know what happens when you don’t come to work for almost an entire week? You get 3,000 unread blog posts in your reader and you ignore your own blog completely. It’s kind of awesome to take a wee break, because now it’s like I’m totally rich in slacking off fodder and don’t have to worry that no one will have posted by the time I need a brain break because, like I said, I have 30,000 posts to catch up on. Yippee!

Brett’s parents were in town, and it was kind of awesome. I love them, they love me, we’re a happy family.


The biggest development since I’ve been gone is that I’ve started watching this little show called American Idol. Oh yes, it’s true. Let me assure you, I was hooked by the very fist off pitch note I heard. Here are my thoughts:

The little guy, David Archulettuce or whatever, has an unreal voice, but he’s a little too up-with-people for me. However, I think he will win.

I totally think that the guy from Georgia who mysteriously has a British accent (I’m sure this was explained earlier on, but like I said, I just tuned in) is hot and should win even if he isn’t the most talented. He reminds me of that guy from the long lost sitcom “Wings.” (Yes, my dorkiness has no limits).

That one girl, the Faith Hill wannabe, is crafty, what with the patriotic song bullshit, but she’s BORING and annoying and we would not be friends.

I like the girl from Ireland, but I fear she is to go tonight.

The rest are not memorable enough for me to comment upon.

I adore Dolly Parton.

What are your predictions for tonight?

Did I really just write an entire post on AI? Did I really just call it “AI?”


JMC said...

Yay, you're back! I've been hoping the "Faith Hill wannabe" AKA Kristie Lee Cook would go away since Day 1. The guy from Georgia actually has an Australian accent, because he moved to GA from Australia when he was 19. I also think little David A. could win.

Banana said...

Boring and annoying is the exact way to describe that country girl.

David A is adorable, but a little too adorable and also... boring.

I LOVE the Irish girl and would buy her album and I hope she wins.


Jess said...

I love this post. And I like how 3,000 turned into 30,000 just like that. And I can't make a prediction for tonight yet because last night's show is still waiting on my Tivo. I'm excited for Dolly Parton, though!

LoriD said...

Welcome back! I was looking for you in Chicago, but didn't see you. Hee.

I like the other David (the grown-up one), talent-wise, but the Australian guy is just so very hot.

I'm thinking either Ramiele or Sayesha will be next to go.

Noelle said...

I'm scared to leave my reader alone for more than 24 hours, because it grows to uncontrollable heights.

Manic Mom said...

I don't know how I found you but I love you! I think maybe from Jen Lancaster? I just did a whole post on Michael Johns from AI a couple weeks ago, if you think he's hot:

LOVE that man!

Anyway, great blog-will be checking out more! I'm in the Chicago area too!

Cheri said...

First of all - YAY!!! You're BACK!!!

Ok, now down to business: American Idol? Dude - David Cook ALL THE WAY!!!

David Archulettuce (ha!) is annoying.

I never watch any of the girls, I have zero interest in any of them.

Is it bad that I have a crush on Jason Castro? It's the eyes, man, shut it. Mrrrrrowl.

But seriously, I love David Cook. I haven't religiously watched the show, but I happened to catch the very first audition he did for AI and I had chills & said "he's going to win" immediately so...we'll see. In the past I called Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood from the first auditions just never know.

(I really really really loved Chris Daughtry too, from the very start of the show.... and, well, I think we see how well he's doing in life...)

I think maybe I should be a talent scout.

Tessie said...

I TOTALLY AGREE with all of this. And you know, I was JUST THINKING last night that Dolly Parton SEEMS like the kind of person I would hate, but yet...I LOVE HER!