Saturday, March 01, 2008

A day in the life

What? That title didn’t reel you in like a trout to a delicious dangling worm? Come on, you know you wanna know what we do on a day off.

Just play along okay?!

Yesterday I had the day off and Brett did too and we lazed about in bed (snuggling with dogs, not even touching each other mind you) until almost 9am. That’s LATE.

Finally, we got ourselves out of bed and decided to use the coupons that Caribou Coffee had kindly mailed us (coupons are the only impetus for us doing just about anything) and get ourselves some fancy coffees. I forced Brett to get something other than his usual BLACK coffee, namely a mocha, and I got a latte and we shared a cinnamon roll and poppy seed cake and then we passed out due to a heavy sugar coma. Seriously, don’t try that breakfast at home kids, it won’t turn out well.

We needed a break after that high endurance breakfast, and so I made Brett watch the most recent episode of Project Runway. He is one of eight straight men in the country who will watch this show. I took a poll.

Fully rested, we donned our finest work-our apparel (t-shirt received from signing up for 5K, but not actually running 5K) and walked ourselves over to the gym to torture ourselves. The gym is very small, with two treadmills, two ellipticals, a stair-master and some sort of weight lifting contraption. There was a girl on one of the treadmills, so Brett and I placed ourselves on the ellipticals and turned on the only TV in the joint. I flipped the TV to an episode of “That 70’s Show” because, if you weren’t aware, there is NOTHING on at 11am on Friday.

About 20 minutes into our sweat-fest, an elderly gentleman came into the gym, wearing a too tight – too shear – t-shirt and SWIMMING TRUNKS and proceeded to leap on the stair-master. About this time, the episode of That 70’s Show was ending, but sure enough, another one was starting up just after it. When this information was received by Mr. Swim Trunks he appeared visibly frustrated and maybe infuriated by his station in life. I had no idea that a sitcom could bring on such angst.

Brett and I ended our work-out and I passed along control of the remote to Swim Trunks. Immediately upon receipt of said remote, Swim Trunks changed the channel to the History Channel and some sort of military history program, because who doesn’t want to work out to crashing WWII bombers and I’m sure that programming like that is much more attractive in a group TV watching setting. Sheesh!

Brett and complained about Swim Trunks and wondered why people are so cranky as we walked back to our humble abode. Why are people so ridiculous? Seriously.

We showered and got ready because it was time for me to get a poke in the butt. My Lupron shot people, get your minds out of the gutter, COME ON!

All I have to say about that injection is OUCH.

No symptoms yet, I’ll keep y’all posted.

So . . . here we are at 1:30pm. We’re hungry (sugar safely metabolized) and maybe in need of some wedding rings for upcoming nuptials. What better place to go than a flea market in Aurora (home of Wayne and Garth), Illinois? I hear they have great tacos AND antique jewelry.

I heard wrong.

Admitting defeat, Brett and I decided to go to Walter Payton’s Roundhouse for lunch and a brewsky. But first we drove around Aurora, because WHY NOT?

I had a delicious Italian beef sandwich with giardiniere, which is my very favorite condiment in existence and I wasted 30 years not even knowing of its existence. Shameful.

By this time it was nigh on 3:30pm, and with two-beers in our full bellies, we chose the only course of action left: Finish Season 2 of Lost while digesting and possibly falling asleep (god I love days off!).

Who of you watches Lost? That show is phenomenal and if you do watch it, do NOT tell me what happens in seasons 3 and 4. If you don’t watch Lost, get yourself the first season and try not to be obsessed. I’m just sayin’ that this show will fuck with your head in a GOOD WAY.

So what do a couple of crazy, engaged kids do on a Friday night? Ballroom dance class, of course!

This was our first night of Ballroom II – A.K.A. Awkward, Embarrassing, Frustrating II.

I’ll have to leave you all hanging (wait, you left? Oh well) because ballroom really deserves its own post. It’s insane and I have to figure out how to describe it well enough to do it justice. Maybe Brett can find a way? (hint hint, babe!)

P.S. The “typo” I spoke of in my last post was, “utmost.” I wrote “upmost” instead, and yes, I had spell check. Attention to detail? Not so much.


Jess said...

This sounds like the best, most blissful day ever, and I want to have one exactly like it. I look forward to hearing more about the ballroom dancing. You guys will really be able to dance at your wedding.

JMC said...

I've got to start watching Lost...

Tessie said...

ME! I watch LOST! I am SO EXCITED for you that you still have TWO SEASONS left! We watched the first season on DVD too, and we would stay up until like midnight watching "just one more. okay, just one more."

Great day! Why ARE people so crabby?

Banana said...

Lost is THE BEST.

In season three the men start getting pregnant and a batch of robotic mosquitoes invade the camp.

Not really, but it COULD happen.

claire said...

Yeah, Lost. We didn't start watching it until they were in season 2, so we started watching the first season on dvd. No joke, we stayed up until 6am one friday or saturday night because we couldn't stop. COULD NOT STOP. Strangely, even though we're current now, we're re-watching the first couple of seasons to see if there's anything we missed. We're kind of dull that way.

Noelle said...

That sounds like a wonderfully full weekend. It would be so much fun to get your wedding rings in Aurora and always think and Wayne and Garth when you think of your eternal bond. Or not, you know.

Artemisia said...

Days off together are awesome! Glad you had a good day.

You guys got more done in your one day than I usually accomplish all weekend...

Penny said...

Lupron?! What? Where did I miss the fertility diaries? Or, er, is this fertility related or your lady parts going berzerk related?

Anyway. Swim trunks guy = kinda creepy. Just a little bit. Who does stairmaster with those on?

Alice said...

fyi, my boyfriend is #2 of 8 who watches it. i forced him into it the first and second times, but now he watches voluntarily and gets all worked up about the judging :-)

Anonymous said...

I think it's a very good idea to watch lost on DVD way too late in the game. There is nothing more frustrating than the consistent three month breaks in between episodes. NOTHING.