Tuesday, January 15, 2008

currently annoyed by . . .

You know what I find most annoying about work out videos? When the instructors pretend they can see you. I rented a video from the library (our library is so wonderful, we don't even need Netflix) and the instructors keep saying, "good job!" "you're doing great!" "looks great!" How do they know I'm not sitting on the couch eating a pint of Chubby Hubby? I'm not, mind you, but I could be, and I'd rather be.

Additionally, I kind of dislike doing workout videos because the dogs just stare at me. Two little faces looking up at one big sweaty, dopey momma making huffy noises and maybe close to passing out. Then if I do any mat exercises, they immediately come over and start licking the delicious sweat off my face. It's so gross and sometimes I wonder why we have dogs. Then I remember how much I love them, or I see that damn ASPCA ad on T.V. with Sarah McLachlan (have you seen this?) and it makes me cry and I wind up ordering and ASPCA credit card. WTF?

Also annoying is our carpet. I hate carpet with an irrational passion. Our house in Billings had no carpet, and I liked it that way. Carpet give me hives just thinking about, and the fact that it is all over this apartment makes me perpetually itchy. I guarantee that the next place we buy will have no carpet anywhere, and if it does it will be immediately ripped out, even if it means I have to live on sub-flooring.

I would update on familial health situations, but so far there is no new news and nothing to update upon until my mom hears from her doc, and my dad sees a new doc at Mayo and I have surgery. Good times.

On a happy note, we had a low-key, but very enjoyable weekend that involved way too much Miller Lite and three full games of football, which is some kind of record for me. I just really think it would be fun if the Packers went all the way to the Super Bowl (and maybe won) but don't tell anyone here that, because if you're a Packers fan, well they might string you up a flag poll. I'm a Bears fan through and through, if anyone asks.

Now I'm stinky and itchy post work-out and must shower.


Jess said...

I hate carpet too, though I like the occasional small area rug over hardwood.

I'm glad you had a nice weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed for your family!

Cheri said...

PACKERS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE WAY BABY!!! And, btw, that tying the pole thing happened at a bar a few minutes from my house....lmao. I love Brett Favre, love love love.

Valerie said...

I have to look away from the animal commercial, or I just can't take it.

And yes, I can identify with the carpet situation. Hate it!!!

Tessie said...

Our dogs would NEVER leave me alone to do a workout video. They would be all running circles around me and laying down right in front me and licking my legs AND SO ON. BAH.